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Darkest Lights App: Zikomo by SanjanaStone Darkest Lights App: Zikomo by SanjanaStone

Name : Zikomo
Species : Striped hyena
Gender : Male
Age : 2 years
Rank / Job / Occupation : Bartender
Personality : You'd think if one were a nervous wreck that hates being around loud and rowdy people, they wouldn't choose a job as a bartender. Well, despite being intelligent, Zikomo is not wise. He will do whatever he has to for money, no matter what it does to his mental health, which is already in horrible shape. A coward and a wimp, while Zikomo is friendly, he would leave you for dead without a second thought if it meant saving his own skin. But so long as nobody's lives are at risk, he can be nice enough. He is a bit sarcastic, though he makes sure to keep it quite so as to not upset anyone. Overall, he's just a friendly, cowardly hyena.
Orientation : Bisexual, though he's really not interested in sex or romance.

Accessories : Blue jeans held up by a thick rope. He has a blue hair tie in his mane, and two more brown ties in his tail.
Appearance : Zikomo appears very off balance, with his large, hanging head and his skinny legs. He always appears hunched over, like his large ears or that thick mane of fur on his neck is dragging him down. Thankfully it's actually quite light, allowing him to walk on two legs. His tail is incredibly long, about as long as he is tall. In an effort to keep the fur on his tail from spreading out and getting all dirty, it's always tied up. His silver mane or 'hair' is also always tied up, and lays over his back. His chin is fuzzy, giving him the appearance of having a beard. His fur is silver, and covering his entire body, except for his tied up mane and tail, are black stripes. And despite always going shirtless, he always wears some oversized blue jeans, held up by tied up rope. His large yellowish brown eyes always appear nervous, or scared.

Talents / Skills : Despite being so cowardly, when cornered, this hyena can actually become an excellent fighter. Having some of the strongest jaws in the world, he can easily crush bones like they're a toothpick. Other than that, he's excellent at hide and go seek!
Powers / Magic (if any) : None.

Likes: Silence, cartoons, pants that actually fit.
Dislikes: Violence, loudness, drunk people.

Backstory : You'd have more luck finding a fly with an interesting backstory. Zikomo was born into a large family of hyenas. And of course, most of them were females, and they enjoyed picking on the males. Zikomo was bullied and tormented for most of his life, until finally he reached adulthood and left the clan, which is a rare thing, even for males. Now he lives on his own, trying to make a living, but he is still very jumpy and also distrustful of females.
Location : In town. He avoids the forest like the plague.
Family : The hyena clan, which is very far away.
Relations :
:bulletblack: Hate:
:bulletblue: Neutral:
:bulletyellow: Respect:
:bulletorange: Friend:
:bulletgreen: Good / best friend:
:bulletpink: Crush:
:bulletred: Love / in relationship:
:bulletwhite: Undecided:

Zikomo currently doesn't know anybody.

Role play example:
Zikomo sat silently behind the counter, cleaning out one of many cups with a small rag. Trying to focus entirely on this task, he attempted to drown out the sounds of the customers just beyond the safety of the counter. Loud drunken animals of all kinds, laughing and dancing and knocking over stuff. Zikomo muttered under his breath, continuing to clean. Take a cup off the counter, clean. Fill it up, hand it out. Another cup on the counter. Take it, clean it, fill it up with more foul alcohol. Such a tiresome job. But it paid, and that was all that mattered. He just hoped that soon, some of the louder customers would leave.
coat Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
What a cutie!! c: I can't wait to RP with him :heart:

Also, I'm sorry for not replying to the RP last night! I went to sleep, and then today I spent the entire day out with my family D: I just got home, ehe xD
SanjanaStone Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. ^^

S'all good. :)
Dravenism Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
Ooooh, he seems cool!
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